There is no small job for us

What Fence Labor can do for you?

Installation, repair and take down

Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, chain link fences and gates-also your porch railing. Fence Labor can repair and install it all for you. We have highly trained professionals, tools for every job we offer, all at a fair price.

Installation and Repair

Already bought your fence at your local dealer? Fence Labor can install it for you.


Dumpster doesn’t have to be the eyesore of yours premises or wild life food bank. A/C units or other equipment must be protected. Vinyl, wood or Chain link with slats.

For your Company Protection

Warehouse security enclosures
A/C Units
Machinery enclosures
Power box enclosures
Gas tank enclosures
Kennel enclosures


Need a crew? We have it! Fully insured and fully skilled installers/helpers. Check our rates!

Call us now!

Don't waste your time running a crew. Focus on your costumers.

Why hire Fence Labor?

Fence installation is a very difficult task, sometimes requiring a lot heavy lifting. Digging a hole is easy, but digging ten is not that easy, especially keeping them all equally leveled. You want the best for your home, let us help. You have more important things to do with your days, let Fence Labor do the work for you!

Why buy tools to do a once in a lifetime job? Fence Labor has all the right tools for the job. Save some space in your garage, and free the worry from your mind.

Dealing with saws, heavy tools, etc.. without proper knowledge can be dangerous. At Fence Labor, all of our staff come fully competent ready to do the job, and we do it with safety in mind.

Do the math! You don't need to worry about hiring the correct amount of people, buying extra tools you'll never use again. Your time is too valuable, let us handle it for you at a price you'll be happy to pay.

Why do I need a fence?

Privacy - Nobody needs to know what your family is doing;
Protect your goods - Nobody needs to know what you have;
Make your pet happy and safe- let it play around! Without a leash;
Keep your neighbor's stuff in his side - Weed, pets, junk , etc...
Keep road's noises away from your home - Fence can reduce outside noises;
No more bugs - reduction in insect activity due to the natural insect-repelling oils present in cedar wood;
Are you a gardener?-Don't feed wild life with your pretty job;
Add value to your real state - Because you have all above and fence is beautiful!